Frameless Glass Partition

What is the purpose of glass partitions?

Glass partitions come in many forms and varieties and constitute an entire field in the construction industry. The demand for them is very easily understandable. Glass walls represent sleek, stylish and modern solution reviving homes and offices.

But what are the advantages of a glass partition in comparison to the regular walls?

Foremost, glass partitions are considerably easier to construct. Since the majority of partitions are custom-made, i.e. they are ordered to size, it is very easy to adjust the glass to the existing opening. You do not have to build out a specific wall unless a glass partition is part of a larger renovation. Generally, customers just have to point at the opening they want to enclose and enjoy a glass wall a month later.


Furthermore, there is no major construction work required to install a glass partition. The installation typically takes somewhat between 1 to 5 days depending on the scope of work. Moreover, this process is not as disastrous as general construction – the work is not messy, dusty or loud. Another great advantage lies in the fact that no permit or DOB approval is necessary for the majority of renovations. Glass walls are not considered a permanent structure which does not mean much in real life, but looks good on paper.

Undeniably, the installation of glass walls is not as tedious and time-consuming but besides that glass partitions deliver other benefits that have a positive impact on the quality of life.

Energy savings are one of the benefits. By installing the glass wall opposite the window, you do not block the flow of natural light which in turn leads to the rapid decline in the energy bill amount.

Needless to say, that sunlight is beneficial for us too. Natural light has proven to increase productivity in humans and cause a boost of dopamine – the famous hormone of happiness. This trick is extremely useful to large companies concerned with the well-being of their employees and meaning to design an open space. The open office layout has also proved to establish a positive rapport among employees and clients as glass walls instantly produce an impression of an honest and inclusive environment.

Aluminum Glass Partitions

Almost all of the above applies to the owners of smaller apartments that want to improve the usability of the dwelling space. Every so often due to certain needs, homeowners have to compromise the design of the room and its functionality by building a wall in the middle. This is when the glass partition acts as a life-saver (or more like a light-saver). The use of glass allows avoiding building a tiny cupboard with no natural light. It even visually expands the room by dividing it into functional zones, i.e. decluttering the mixed-use space.

Moreover, glass partitions offer a vast field for creativity. Glass systems come in so many varieties and are so easily customizable that even the most unique and unusual ideas can be brought to life. If a sheetrock wall decoration usually ends at the choice of paint or wallpaper, a glass wall can be framed of frameless, tinted or clear, and even painted or not painted! And the choices don’t stop there. In fact, the discussion of the design and details usually takes more time than the installation itself.

Taking everything into consideration, a framelessglass partition represents a great addition to the interior that elevates the design and modernizes the space. With the right company, the options are unlimited, and you can be sure that your ideas will be executed to perfection!

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