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Types of Mirrors


Bright, colorful and reliable, with safety guarantee for 20 years, eco-friendly and safe: modern color mirrors with exclusive design have all of these features.

They are manufactured using a mass tinted glass. Thus, it is possible to create a product that engage excellent performance and attractive appearance. Colored mirrors reflect an image without distortion, with high accuracy. They also demonstrate an increased level of resistance to acids and humidity.

Colored mirrors do not have any difference in daily usage in comparison with regular once, while delighting owners with their warm mysterious luster.

The most popular colors are those of natural shades: from rich herbaceous to concise graphite and bronze tones.

Nothing can stop imagination of designer when they are using colored mirrors. Today these products are used for showers, bathrooms and gyms decoration. Colored mirrors also look as  separate decorative elements of more complex compositions. In addition, they can be perfectly combined with metal stair railings, as well as ceiling mounted modern designs.

Colored mirror represents a new generation of products for home and office. Thanks to the brilliant performance of the material they keep their original properties for many years.

Forget about the vagueness of reflection, annoying spots on the surface, difficulties in cleaning!

Salon-Shop Glass House offers you to get acquainted with a wide range of products of different colors!

Toned decorative mirrors are made in five basic colors:

Green, Bronze, Black, Blue, Graphite, Gold.

As well as toned mirror effect of aging Morin.


The house is not only our fortress, but also a place where we spend a significant, and sometimes the best part of our lives. Therefore, the interior is designed to create good mood and help to get even more joy in life. Colored mirrors are also used in office design, entertainment venues and shopping facilities. The game of colors, light, and shadows on a glass surface is often used  in Art Nouveau and high-tech style design. Designers create beautiful compositions of stained glass, mirrors, metal, wood, plastic and upholstery materials.

Color gradient mirror with incomplete reflectivity are very popular nowadays. Unlike a mirror, silver, painted objects, that reflect only certain regions of the spectrum, while mirrors create an effect of uniqueness and novelty in the perception of the reflection of surrounding objects and people. Particularly advantageous such compositions look under the changing light conditions. The play of light and shade varies depending on time of a day, weather conditions, intensity of artificial lighting, and many other things. Sometimes very unexpected factors affect it. Any product of this kind should be situated on a particular place, therefore designers play important role in planning position of objects in the room. We offer color gradient mirrors of highest quality, and our prices never exceed reasonable limits.


We offer to put any drawings on glass and mirrors using sandblasting. Whitish pattern on the glass looks like a delicate frosty rime on trees in winter forest. Our company can produce not just a glass and mirror with matte drawings, but also a variety of compositions that will delight and fascinate you.

Our products that were treated with sandblasting, can be used as stained glass, partitions, logos. The pattern may be classic, as well as oriental, or in any other style.

Section for printing on glass and mirrors is equipped with sandblasting unit. For making stencil pattern you picture is converted into digital form, and then transferred onto the film. We can create any design using your sketches and plot the most intricate designs to suit even the most sophisticated taste.

Matting glasses and mirrors is performed using a jet of air and sand under very high pressure. Adjusting the pressure and changing the sand grain size makes it possible to obtain different types of continuous matting.

One of the ways to transfer a picture to stained glass is sandblasting. Glass can be transparent with frosted pattern, or frosted with transparent pattern. There is also another way to transfer original drawings to the mirror using amalgam (mirror coating on the reverse side of the mirror). The visual effect can be enhanced with installation of backlit behind stained sandblasted glass, which makes a picture comes to life from the inside. Such a picture is extremely resistant to any external influences.  At your request products may be covered by the protective liquid modifier. The cost of sandblasting depends on the complexity and size of the picture.


Popularity of vintage-style interior is growing. Vintage accessories are in great demand nowadays. Such an interest of course cannot pass by antique mirrors, that are a great accent for any interior. Such a mirror, carrying the spirit of bygone eras, can refine your interior and fill it with incredible charm. Antique mirrors are not only decorative elements, they also  carry out their main function.

Vintage mirror may have different shapes and sizes, from small once to the incredibly large.

They fit perfectly in any room: convenient for hallway as well as for bathroom. Antique mirror will successfully complement any vintage-style interior, but it can as well be the only vintage piece in a modern interior. In any case it will look appropriate and attractive.

A great option would be a combination of such a mirror with other vintage elements. For example, on a table next to a vintage mirror you can place a high silver or crystal candle holder, antique lamp or an antique frame with photo.

A mirror in the living room or bedroom will be perfectly complemented by a large grandfather clock that will fill the atmosphere with an incredible charm.

A characteristic feature of a vintage mirror is its unusual location. It usually does not hang on the wall, but simply lean on it. One of the interesting and very important characteristics of these mirrors is a special effect of aging amalgam that is created using the latest technologies.

This is a partially blackout coverage that has some dark spots of irregular form that bring “respectable” age to the mirror.

Our antique mirrors are reproduced using a special silvering technique that is hand finished and allows us to create unique and colorful effects. Antique Mirror is a decorative silvered glass mostly used for interiors.


Manufacture of mirrors and glass is actually not so complicated. But of course only in case you have appropriate equipment and tools available. Knowing size and configuration of glass or mirror, that are cut according to template. Upon a customer request processing of edges or facets can be performed. Further, final and aesthetic appearance of mirror depends on design chosen by customer. Patterning, matting, drilling etc. can be performed.

Manufacture of glass and mirrors to order

Our firm provides a full range of services in area of glass and mirrors production. Manufacture of mirrors and glass can be performed according to your order in all shapes and sizes. We use mirror and glass materials from both domestic and out-of-country manufacturers. Following types of mirror paintings are available (see more here):

  • silver mirrors
  • bronze mirror
  • graphite mirror
  • green mirror
  • blue mirror
  • aged mirrors

We produce mirrors and glass of any size.

We deliver and install orders at any time.

Call us and we will answer your questions

Dimensions of mirror or glass cloth allow to produce mirrored walls, glass and mirror panels of almost any size.

Today glass and mirror with decorative effect is very popular, as a lot of aesthetic effects can be achieved by engraving, screen printing, matting, etching, sandblasting.

Modern high-tech equipment allows to manufacture custom glass and mirrors that can be achieved by various kinds of processing like:

  • polishing and grinding edges of glass and mirror
  • straight or curved facets
  • drilling holes in glass and mirror
  • notch technological holes
  • UV gluing glass and mirrors
  • attaching sticker film

We accept orders for manufacturing of mirrors and glass in any sizes and patterns customer suggests. If you are unable to provide dimensions of order, our specialist will come to you and conduct appropriate measurements. In this case our company takes full responsibility for production of glass and mirrors that you ordered in accordance with this measurements.

Custom Glass and Mirror NYC company provides services in emergency glazing, replacement of broken glass, replacement of broken glass unit.

Delivery, disassembly, assembly.

Checking of measurements is provided free of charge.

Regular customers receive discounts.

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