Modern Interior With Glass Backsplash

Types of Glass Backsplash

The treatment of walls in the kitchen has always been given special attention, as the surface is subject to severe operating conditions and constantly in contact with moisture. This is especially noticeable over the working surface. Therefore, for the protection of the wall are used backsplashes, which if desired, the owners can become even an ornament of the kitchen. Let’s consider such an option as an glass backsplashes for a kitchen: advantages and variants of its design.
Modern Interior With Glass Backsplash
Many believe that a glass backsplashes in the kitchen is the perfect solution, because it can protect the wall from splashing water and grease. In this case, the glass is easily washed and can last long enough. So, among the main requirements, which fully corresponds to this material should be noted:

– resistance to high temperatures.

– ease of care and hygiene.

– does not lose its appearance and shape under the influence of any external factors.

– the possibility of high-quality sealing of the seam between the tabletop and the backsplashes.

Colored geometric elements on a glass backslashes are the ideal option for those who want to dilute the interior with bright colors.

In addition to the excellent technical characteristics, glass backsplash can boast an unprecedented variety of colors and drawings. Thus, by changing only one panel, you can at any time refresh the interior.

Despite the fact that the backsplash is called “glass”, it is obvious that ordinary glass for its manufacture can not be used. Several variants of the material are used for this purpose:

– Tempered glass. Tempered glass has high durability and impact resistance

– Plexiglas – the material is made synthetically and is a lightweight panel of hardened acrylic mass, the plexiglass is not resistant to high temperatures.

– Triplex – Combined material, which is two sheets of heated glass and a layer of polymers with a pattern drawn between them. Triplex has high durability and shock resistance.

– Optiwhite – a special glass, which can be called a perfect product for the design of kitchen aprons. In the process of production, it is made perfectly transparent, eliminating the shades that are characteristic of any glass. This has a positive effect on the transfer of color and clarity of the picture.

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