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Top 5 types of storefronts

To give a fresh and updated look to your storefront, the glass company NYC has many choices for you. To boost the pleasing appearance we work with following types of glass storefronts to gratify our customers.

Transparent glass:

It is a clear see-thru type of glass. It attracts the bystander towards your highlighted or specific items. It is usually used to pageant the beauty of an object such as beauty items, clothing shops etc. it is an ideal installation for small business.

Commercial stained glass:

This type of glass contains a wide variety of colors and textures. It is used to imply any special look of the shop according to any festival or celebration. We also offer your customized pattern and designing option to make your desired dream shop.

Tinted glass:

Tinted glass storefront gives the cool and darker look to the shop. If you have lack of shades then tinted glass will work unsurpassed for you. It also provides privacy of the shop.

Frosted glass:

In this type, the glass keeps the office well-lit without any disturbance in privacy matters. Its cloudy surface allows the dim light to enter the room while keeping the other things secret.

Safety glass:

This type of glass holds the lock tightly against robber’s push. If anyone tries to open the door forcefully the lamination retain the glass and prevent breakage.

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