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Sliding Shower Doors for tight bathroom

If your bathroom is getting tight sliding shower doors are the first choice. The sliding door is easy to push away to the side. It will solve the problem of space that every Brooklinyte has independent whether he lives in classic brownstone or in a modern Dumbo apartment.  Multiple options of sliding glass shower doors are available for the order. This type of the doors consists of two elements: a frame (or fixtures) and a glass element. All other details – color, structure and shape – can be modified depending on your taste and budget.

Sliding Shower Doors nyc

For all sliding shower doors particular emphasis will be placed on design and manufacturing techniques of our products. The quality is our highest priority, therefore you will get a product that will not only be esthetically pleasant and serve you lifelong. You just need to explain us what you fantasize about, and we will do everything to make your dreams come true.

You can order sliding shower with any characteristics. If you worry about your beloved once or if you have small children home, we highly recommend you to pay attention to the safety glass. If you are more concerned about hygienic features of your bathroom, make sure that the glass has a special coating that allows you to clean the surface with just wiping it with a soft cloth after showering.

A sliding shower door enclosure can come framed, partially framed or frameless. The frameless glass shower doors are currently on high demand especially in designer bathrooms. But framed or partially framed shower with sliding door have their own charm and certain advantages. The sliding shower doors can fit in any any space: small bathroom of your studio or large-spa-like bathroom of your townhouse. For example quadrant showers with sliding doors are a very practical solution for small spaces. Sliding shower doors with corner entry are also very popular. It is also possible to create a semicircular sliding shower door project that will become an eye-catching detail.

We offer you full-package services such as an on-site consultation, measuring, delivery and, of course, installation of an enclosure that was previously designed to your measurements in a timely manner. We use tempered glass and the mounting hardware of best quality. Our contractor will come to your Brooklyn location to evaluate the layout of your bathroom. After measuring it properly we will design the most elegant and functional frameless enclosure that will fit exclusively into your space. While installing the shower door in your bathroom, our workers will take good care of your flooring and other surfaces.

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