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Laminated glass canopy

The usage of glass canopies represents the taste and worth of that building. The glass canopies are the style of latest and modern architects. The Custom Glass and Mirror NYC is the leading an ideal name in the field of glass canopy manufacturing, fitting, and repairing. We are proudly serving NYC and tri-state area with our best products and services.

glass canopy system

In the pitch of glass canopies, the laminated glass is the reliable and most favorite name. The glass laminated canopies contain strength due to their inter-layered thermoplastic. The lamination of glass canopies took place under PVB process and heating the glass to attain desirable strength and resilience. The process of PVB keeps the glass interlinked and well-bonded that protects it from splintering.

In the case of any malformed, the glass did not shatter down or broke down like pieces while it remains in its frame and evades any kind of harmful incident. Moreover, the laminated glass canopy has the feature of reducing noise irritation and harmful UV rays.

So, the usage of laminated glass canopy not only serve you in better ways but also add style and elegance to your building. We work in any kind, style, and dimension of the glass canopy.

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