Glass Shelves

Custom glass shelves are each designed for their unique purpose, and because of the material they can be shaped and crafted to perform whatever function and finish, whatever design philosophy it is required of. With no restriction for the storage location, custom cut glass shelves are limited solely by your imagination, and can be a beautiful and totally personalized addition to your home or office.

We create custom shelves out of glass at whatever length, depth, and thickness you need. Most of the time these shelves have exposed edges, giving you the option of adding another level of detail to better reflect your personal style. Our seamed edge comes standard with your order. If the edge is going to show, consider a rounded (pencil) or flat edge, as preferred by many as it gives a more finished look when edges are visible.

Quality Glass Shelves

Glass shelves add style and elegance to any room. We offer a variety of shelves in many different styles and even colors to help you achieve the look that you desire. Whether you are trying to add décor to a room with floating rectangle glass shelves or simply need more space for storage, our corner shelves are high quality and beautiful, giving you the best of both worlds in your home. Please feel free to browse our wide selection to find the style that works best in your home.

High Quality Glass Shelves in NYC

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4. Delivery & installation

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