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We have an experience in designing, building and installing everything from curtain walls and storefronts to entrance doors and all-glass railings – on projects ranging from a single door to tens of thousands of square feet of glass – we have the knowledge to address virtually every commercial glass need.

You may never have considered glass a suitable material for NYC flooring, but they are real, safe and fabulous! Once you see the custom glass flooring systems from CUSTOM GLASS AND MIRROR, you’ll completely agree. Innovative designs that blend functionality and elegance put style at your feet.

Floors made of glass improve the lighting in your home or office while creating an illusion of open space. Glass flooring in New York and New Jersey is available for indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial locations. Glass floors:

  • Offer cost-effective benefits
  • Allow natural lighting to permeate
  • Increase your floor space
  • Add a modern design style that’s appealing and economic

Two Types of Glass Floors

To suit the interior design needs of your home in New York or your office in Manhattan, choose from a variety of prefabricated NYC glass flooring options or custom-made glass floors. The two primary types of these floors include:

  1. Floors that open
  2. Fixed glass floors

A glass floor that opens, also called an opening floor, has more uses than a fixed glass floor. It’s available for indoor or outdoor use, so how you have it installed is limited only by your imagination.

A fixed glass floor improves the lighting, providing you added freedom in architecture and interior design. In New York City, these obscured or clear glass floors can be installed outside or inside, with a smooth or non-slip surface.

The Benefits of Glass for Flooring

Traditionally, glass flooring in New York was only used in skyscrapers and commercial buildings. Modern architects and interior designers have started designing glass floors for homes and hotels, as well as the traditional commercial spaces.

NYC flooring made of glass has become more affordable too. Now it’s readily available just about everywhere in the country. Additional benefits to using glass floors include:

  • Aesthetic value. Floors of glass add elegance, beauty and style to any home or building. They allow light to flow into and through rooms, making them brighter and giving them a feeling of more space.
  • Custom-made quality. New York and New Jersey glass floors can be crafted to fit your exact dimensions, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you want to transform small sections of a floor or the entire room, you get the floor you want.
  • Insulation. Glass is a poor conductor of heat, which makes it a great material for insulation. Glass floors conserve the heat inside your office or rooms, saving energy and shrinking your heating bill.
  • Low maintenance. Glass flooring in New York is easy to clean. A simple wipe-over with a mop and mild floor cleaner returns the luster of your floor. A glass floor is waterproof, which virtually eliminates the possibility of leaks on the floor below.
  • Other benefits. Most glass floors are fireproof, giving you extra protection in addition to being cost-effective and durable. Plus, you can order drive-on floors of glass, which invite light into your basement or garage.

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