Glass Canopies

Glass Canopies or awnings have become a latest trend in exterior glass decorations. Available in wide range of designs and finishes, glass canopies are manufactured with high quality glass and metals to fulfil any requirements and locations. Glass canopy create a stunning entrance and are mostly used in office or commercial buildings.


Benefits of Glass Canopies

Weather Protection – Glass canopies or awnings provide shelter to visitors and bystanders from weather impacts.

Natural light Penetration – Glass canopies allow more penetration of natural light into the building and help save on artificial lights and energy.

Modernized Look – Combined with signage or lighting, glass canopies provides a stunning modern feel to any building or installation.

Durability & Maintenance – Glass canopies are durable unlike the wood canopies, which will bend or decay with the passage of time and don’t require constant maintenance to keep the finishing look as new as it came.


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