Clear Glass Vs Frosted Glass Partition

 The choice of the type of glass that one will use in partitioning of their office spaces is a personal one. There is a number of various options, but we will narrow down to two and be able to discern the better option for each particular business. Below we will discuss considerations one should keep in mind before choosing between clear glass and frosted glass for their office partitions.


  • Aesthetics 

Clear glass is prone to embarrassment in terms of looks, but this largely depends on the diligence of the cleaners in your office. At some point, the glass pane would appear smeared depending on how they are cleaned. Considering the use of frosted glass partitions would be a little less hectic in terms of cleaning and could go a few days without cleaning, unlike clear glass. Clear glass can be etched with decorations, which put most clients in a dilemma, but at the end of the day, a decision on the most viable option has to be made.

  • Collaborations 

In most cases, collaborations will require both clear glass and frosted glass at some point. Collaborations between individuals across working spaces could thrive in the presence of clear glass, but large teams that need to deliberate on new ideas will need a bit of privacy that cannot be offered by clear glass partitions. Taking this into consideration, the majority of businesses will require a lot of balancing on both private and open spaces, which calls for the use of frosted and clear glass, respectively.

  • Communication 

It is not easy to communicate effectively with colleagues you cannot see. One can either opt for clear glass or frosted glass with suitable height depending on their preference in terms of privacy or the very need to communicate effectively. The use of varying thickness, height and strategic placement of frosted glass incorporated with clear glass will ensure both objectives are achieved without having to compromise on either of them

  • The need for privacy

Most of the time, senior employees will need privacy, having the option to choose frosted glass gives this entitlement without much compromise. Many a time, they will entertain visitors or clients in their office to discuss business matters or hold private meetings. Junior staff may not need much privacy because some of the official duties will require them to work in teams. Therefore, clear glass will be the most suitable choice, and in any case, a frosted glass of suitable height can also be appropriate for a little privacy if need be.

Finally, the cost cannot be overlooked, but this does not have to be the ultimate consideration to make a decision. All the above factors should be harmonized, to ensure the working environment is conducive, in order to achieve maximum productivity without compromising on staff or customer satisfaction. Having a clear-cut conversation with experts on your type of office environment or rather one that you desire to create will enable one to achieve the most suitable working conditions.

Glass Partitions
Glass Partitions


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