Glass Table Tops in New York

4 Reasons Interior Designers Love Glass Table Tops

High-quality glass table tops can enhance the look of your home, as any interior design professional will tell you. Glass tables are a tried-and-true home décor staple, and one that never goes out of style.

If you’re ready to add a truly unique design feature to your home, consider the reasons why design professionals love decorating with glass tops.

Glass Table Tops in New York

No. 1: Versatility
Whether your taste leans toward modern, traditional, contemporary or any other interior design style, custom glass tables are a great choice. They fit seamlessly with any home décor, and a custom-designed table top can either act as a focal point or play a supporting role when you redecorate. And, you don’t even have to use an actual table base – the glass can be supported by an architectural column, tree stump, antique trunk or anything else that’s stable.

No. 2: Illusion of Space
Custom glass table tops aren’t just versatile – they also make a room look much larger and more open. Interior designers love to use glass in small living spaces, as the illusion of added space it provides helps them appear uncluttered. Plus, the see-through surface also puts the focus on other home décor elements like area rugs and artwork.

No. 3: Customization
The sky’s the limit with custom glass table tops. Choose a shade or tint that perfectly matches your New York home décor, or add an interesting texture, etched design or edging for a boost of style and personality. Custom painting is another option for table tops – and going this route with an experienced local artisan guarantees uniquely beautiful results.

No. 4: Ease of Maintenance
Wood furniture needs to be polished regularly if you want to maintain its appearance, and let’s not even talk about what happens when someone doesn’t use a coaster. Glass tables, on the other hand, can be cleaned in almost no time – simply wipe with a microfiber cloth or use a spritz of mild cleanser and a paper towel, and the job is done. And as making sure everyone puts their drinks on coasters? That isn’t even necessary.

Are you interested in incorporating glass table tops in your northern New York home interior design? The highly-skilled, award-winning artisans at Custom Glass & Mirror NYC have the talent and expertise to create handcrafted custom glass tables that perfectly accentuate your living spaces.

A regional industry leader for more than 15+ years, Custom Glass & Mirror NYC is known for providing the finest handcrafted glass in NYC. Along with table tops, we also design custom countertops, cabinet doors, backsplashes, shower enclosures, wine cellars and hand rails. Custom painting is one of our specialties, and homeowners and businesses in the New York City area turn to us for gorgeous, high-quality Shower Door, skylights and glass doors.

For more information on our services, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss custom glass table tops with one of the Custom Glass & Mirror NYC artisans, contact us today.

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